Dr Allison Pisapia Psy D

“My goal is to make your first steps toward therapy as comfortable, and easy, as possible.”

Dr. Allison Pisapia Psy.D.

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Therapy is a process.Dr Allison Pisapia Flowers

It begins with an assessment phase during which we discuss your reasons for entering therapy, your goals for therapy, and important aspects of your life.

Dr Allison PisapiaI will ask you about your childhood, your family history, the important relationships in your life, and your school and work experiences.

I will ask you to share pertinent aspects of your medical history as well as details about the ways you keep yourself healthy.

This type of multi-faceted assessment allows me to form a clear picture of why you’re seeking therapy and what you hope to accomplish.

Then, together, we will begin to identify your strengths and uncover areas in which further progress would be helpful.

Dr Allison Pisapia FlowerAs the process continues, we will identify, and practice, coping strategies.  Soothing or distracting activities are very effective in making people feel better when they are experiencing strong unpleasant feelings or anxiety.  If you are experiencing these feelings, we can begin to work on these strategies in the very first session.

My goal is to provide a space where people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Together, and in a non-judgmental manner, we will create a strengths-based approach to accomplishing your goals for therapy.